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I have a male veiled chameleon a little over a year old and lately his eyes develop this film or something over them and he can't see anything. Usually this problem can be fixed with a cotton swab and some warm water, but today it was so bad that his eyes were practically cemented shut with the stuff. I don't know what caused it, or what to do. Please help!
Sounds like an eye infection. How much are you watering/misting him? I would increase the mistings and get him to a vet as he probably needs antibiotics.
A friend of mine who used to work in a pet store suggested I try and give him some water with Tetracycline in it. Do you think this is a good idea?
I don't think it's a good idea to diagnose and medicate the problem yourself. My opinion is, he should go see the vet.
Tetracycline with water is a REALLY BAD idea....especially since you don't know the cause of the eye problem. If you want a dead cham then give it to him, otherwise take him to the vet.
Took him to the vet today....he has a respiratory infection. They gave me some antibiotics and said it should clear up in about 28 days if I give it to him every day.
HOW is that a resipratory infection. its afecting his eyes. i know the vet said its that but thats wierd
Its not just that they keep their eyes closed when they have a respiratory infection...the respiratory infection can cause swelling around the eye area or even cause the turret part of the eye to swell...and it can appear to be like an eye infection.

"Because of the proximity and interaction of the ocular structures to the mouth and respiratory tract (through the nasolacrimal ducts draining into the mouth, near or through the vomeronasal organ; tearing and exudates from the eyes), early signs of a potentially serious problem may present with both mild swelling and tearing and early signs of respiratory infection".
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