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my 5 month old veiled chameleon has his right eye closed and it seems kind of swelled up. sometimes his head twitches and his eye seems to bubble? couldve something gotten in it? idk what to doo. helpp?!:(
could it be due to shedding? or maybe a shower is needed, or just a good misting? I've never seen this problem but those are the things i would try. id recommend going to a vet. or if anyone else has any ideas?
he hasnt shed in a while. and how do i shower him? yeah i found a vet, so hopefully ill get him an appointment tmrw. /: i think something might be stuck in there or something
when i shower my veiled's i have a smaller mesh tank that i put in the shower and then i have the shower head pointing to a big piece of plastic leaned up against the shower wall, that I've washed off (unless your shower is incredibly clean aka no soap scum don't aim against the shower wall) and have it kinda mist/rain down on the cage, i put logs and sticks in the tank for them to grab on to, and please please make sure the temp of the water is okay i don't know a for sure temp i only measure by hand( its probably not the best thing to do but i don't have a thermometer, maybe someone else can say a good temp) i shower for 2 to 3 minutes. I've read other people on this form talking about this method as well, if there's anything I'm saying wrong please post, this is just the method I've been using to shower, i find it helps during shedding.
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