Eye bulging and White stuff coming from the nose????


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So my three month old veiled chameleon has been great until recently. I got him about 5 days ago and I noticed at one point his one eye was bulging. When I looked at it again it was fine. I also noticed what I think to be white stuff coming from his nose. It might be from his vitamins that I give him when he eats his crickets. If anybody can help me that would be great.
Why do you suspect it could be the vitamins you are giving him?

Here are a few pics of how I dust my crickets when I feed them:



This last pic is of a cricket that has way too much powder on it. Is that how your looks? Could this be why you have such suspisions?

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Well that's what my crickets look like when I dust them. So should i just cut back on the supplements that I give him?
Oh and I did notice him kind of scratching his eye so I'm thinking it might be debris.

Here is the How to ask for help form you recommended:

Your Chameleon - Veiled Chameleon, male, about three months. I've had him for about 5 days now.

Handling - I've handled him so far about once.

Feeding -I'm feeding my cham small meal worms and small crickets. I feed him about 15 crickets a day and i feed him about 10 meal worms. He doesn't eat much of the meal worms though. Mostly crickets. I feed him every day in the morning. I'm feeding the crickets carrots and spinach leaves with a calcium supplement and a gel that acts as water.

Supplements - I dust the crickets with Zoo Med Repti Calcium without D3 every morning and I give him Zoo Med Reptivite with D3 2 times a month I've only given it to him once though seeing as I've only had him for 5 days.

Watering - I use an automatic mister and I set it for 4 times a day for 30 seconds. I do often mist the cage with a spray bottle to keep humidity up. And I have actually seen him drinking.

Fecal Description - The fecal matter is a dark brown with a white tip.He has never been tested for parasites.

History - There is nothing really other than what I just told you. And I had bought him at a pet store.

Cage Info:

Cage Type - I have a 18x18x36 screen cage.

Lighting - I use the reptisun 5.0 UVB bulb and a Zoo Med 60 watt blue basking bulb. I also use a ceramic heating bulb. I have a thermostat hooked up to my lighting which keeps it around 82 degrees. and at night i unplug the lights and the room temp is about 70 degrees.

Temperature - The basking spot stays at about 84 and the bottom of the cage is about 70.The lowest overnight temp I have seen is 70. I use a digital thermometer for the basking spot and a store bought thermometer for the lower part of the cage.

Humidity - The humidity normally stays at about 45%. I use the automatic mister system and I spray the cage with a spray bottle constantly. I use a digital thermometer/humidity detector.

Plants -As of right now I'm using fake plants. But I will swap these out for real ones when spring roles around. It is very cold right now so I cannot get the right plants for him.

Placement - The cage is located in my room where people rarely go in there. The cage is in a corner. It's about 10 feet away from a vent on the ceiling of my room. In my room the ceiling slants down which is where the cage is place and it allows me to hang the basking bulb on the ceiling and still be about 2" above the cage.

Location - I am located in northern Missouri in the middle of winter.

Current Problem - The current problem is that i noticed one of his eyes bulging but when I went to check up on him his eye was fine. We decided it was debris because I noticed him rubbing it. And he has white stuff in his nose. Its not oozing out its just kind of there.

I would take pictures of him but I currently do not own a camera.

I hope this helps.
I think others have found success with these kind of issues by putting a potted plant in the shower, turning the water on very luke warm and having it spray against the wall, thus causing it to bounce off it and onto HALF of the plant. I'd do that for about an hour or so. Your cham should relax and start drinking and cleaning his eyes out. Looks really weird though when they do though.
i would lightly supplement from now on do d3 1 a mmonth and a multivit 1-2 x a month and cal no d3 almost every feeding but lightly:D i wouldnt gutload with spinache its high in oxilates i think
The supplement schedule I use for my veiled is:
Calcium without d3 almost every feeding
Calcium with d3 twice a month.
Multivitamins (without d3) twice a month.
I have had absolutely no problems with this routine.

"i would lightly supplement from now on do d3 1 a mmonth and a multivit 1-2 x a month and cal no d3 almost every feeding but lightly"-brandychams

I would have to disagree with this statement. IMO if you just switch to the routine that I suggested (It seems to be the standard around here), your cham will not experience any ill effects.
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