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  1. millerman6401

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    you all know the drill, what should i put in it thats cheap and easy to care for. i was thinking like some type of tropical gecko or somthing but im open for new ideas
  2. Crested gecko. So easy. No lights or heat needed (unless it's really cold).Lifespan of about 15 years.
  3. fluxlizard

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    Cresteds like to climb and hop- 10g might not be the best for that.

    How about leopard gecko or pictus gecko?
  4. millerman6401

    millerman6401 Member

    i was thinking more tropical even though they require a little more work. my friend got this white line gecko and it was pretty sweet looking
  5. Chameleon Loco

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    Adult crested geckos need at least a 20gallon high tank, however a 10 gallon is good for a juvi or baby. A single leopard gecko can live in a 10 gallon for its entire life. Have you thought about the American Chameleon the Green Anole?They are easy to care for but do require UVB lighting, but a 10 gallon is enough for one. Finally there are many frogs like red eye tree frogs, green tree frogs, or whites tree frogs that could live in a 10 gallon for life.
  6. millerman6401

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    HAHAHAHA i litterally have evry animal you named there besides the leo and crested XD
  7. Chameleon Loco

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    Have you ever had a waxy monkey frog they are one of the most unique frogs on the planet their care is similar to a desert reptile. They require no misting but they should have a UVB light.
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  8. millerman6401

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    i was at a reptile show this last sunday and i was one there being sold by the rainforest junkies. i was honestly thinking about it because i bought my red eyed there and hes doing great. after lookig at some geckos and frogs i like the Lygodactylus williamsi geckos. id rather pick one up locally then ship it though. it was 50' here today and its going to be 10'-20' the rest of the week :(
  9. Chameleon Loco

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    Yeah Day Geckos are Pretty Cool

    I belive the Blue one was on the cover of one of the recent Reptiles Magazine :)
  10. millerman6401

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    i dont get the magazines but i bet it was. they aare just so vibrant and cool looking

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