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I was wondering. Clyde has been in his new enclosure for about two weeks now. He spends most of his time on the vines near the top of the plants and of course up close to the basking lamps.

Will he eventually disappear into the foliage that I put in there? I know they like to be solitary and be invisible, but I'm curious as to how long it takes before they get comfortable enough to vanish.
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Actually, they vanish when they are not comfortable and feel afraid. Hiding is not really a good sign. When they feel comfortable with their surroundings they will sit right there in the open. Younger chams tend to stay in the upper part of the cage. As they get older and really familiar with their set up they will go down below to look for "hidden" crickets or to search for a female (those hormones :)) The only time that staying near the top is a problem is when the bottom is too cold for them. Unless that is a issue, I don't think you have a problem :)
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