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Just got my little guy yesterday. He's 4month's old, Nosy Be from the Kammer's. I got the whole package from them including the small cage. I'm sooooooo excited and a bit scared. I've been researching for months. MY son wanted one a year ago but I didn't want to start with a chameleon, so we've also got 2 leopord gecko's, 1 crested gecko, and a bearded dragon. I've been reading the forums for a long time now. Wondering what everyone schedule is for times to mist and feeding? I thougt I'd do my 1st. mist an hour after the lights come on. My last mist about 3 hrs. before the lights go off for the night. Is 10-15min. long enough per mist? Then what time should I do the little dripper? Sometime in the middle of the two other mists? For how long should I let the little dripper drip for? Fast or slow drips? I was planning on feeding once per day, is that good? I also posted a question in the food forum about how to feed when everything stays so wet. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Stagering your mistings evenly is good. Some people split the feeding ...one in the morning one at night but i find late morning to be most convienent. For the dripper i would suggest taking a large tall deli cup and poking a hole in the bottom with a pin. You will get the fell of what your little guy needs or wants after a few weeks. If he runs to the water and drinks for what seems like a lonbg time then he was very thirsty and you might want to water him more...if he ignores it then hes probably getting of water from the misting and dripper.
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