European chameleons???

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  1. OntarioLizardman

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    hey so i was looking through my zoology book today and i saw a picture of what they called a "european chameleon"... i was kinda confused, didnt know many lived in europe.. or asia.. anybody know an species that live in europe? or anywhere else but africa? thanks
  2. Fidel

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    It was probably Chamaeleo chamaeleon, aka European or Mediterranean chameleon. They live in Spain and Portugal.
  3. kinyonga

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  4. bosco

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    ...and Italy, Cipro, Malta....
  5. BelgiumLizard

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    You can also find in Greece, Chamaeleo africanus.
    Two years ago there was a project that was supported by DGHT Chamaleons.

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  6. casperpetersen

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    is there a population of Chamaeleo chamaeleon in Italy:eek:!!! what part of italy?

    beligumlizard- the projekt with Ch africanus in greece is still aktive

    some chams outside of Africa:
    Ch monachus: socotra (yemen/somalia)
    Ch arabicus : oman, yemen
    Ch zeylanicus :India, sri lanka
    ch ch musae :sinai peninsula
    Ch ch recticrista : cypres, tyrky, libanon, syria
    Ch ch orientalis saudi arabia, yemen

    Brookesia spp
    Calumma spp
    Furcifer spp
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  7. bosco

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    there are small populations of C. Chameleon in south Italy, but the exact places are "secret" for don't disturb the animals.
  8. reyesjoshuacruz

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    isnt there jax in spain too?
  9. OntarioLizardman

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    wow thats freakin awsome... they live near the meditarranean? srry spelling lol. what kind of habitat to you make for them in captivity? is the humid high enough there? what kind of forest do they live in? is their rainforest there?
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