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I am selling my spare ESU Reptile 48" Combo Light. I purchased 2 at the same time and this one was never used - other than to test that it works properly - right before placing this add. This is BRAND NEW in the original box.
I have to say that I love the one I am currently using. I had been using those round metal heat lamps that you set on top of the enclosure...but they would always get scooted into a bad spot and end up melting something. I had a picture of a combo light like this in my mind when I started looking. I was so pleased when I found these. At first I switched them on and off myself, but now they are on automatic timers and it is wonderful. Here is a description...

"The ESU Reptile 48" Combo Light is a five-lamp light fixture designed to accommodate one (T12 type) 48", 40 watt fluorescent lamp and four incandescent lamps up to 150 watts each, 600 watts total. The fixture contains two double, high heat, ceramic sockets for the incandescent lamps and bi-pin lamp sockets for the fluorescent lamp. This allows for the use of a full-spectrum, UV emitting fluorescent lamp along with incandescent full-spectrum daylight/heat lamps and/or incandescent nocturnal/heat lamps. With three separate on/off switches and power cords, the fluorescent and two double incandescent lamp holders can be put on separate timers for both day and night cycling. Bulbs not included. 48"L x 9"W x 4"H. Shipping weight: 16 lbs."

I purchased it from Petguys for $65.00+ $17.18 shipping (Total $83.17)

It has a small amount of damage on one end where one side -where one end of the flourescent light is inserted. A small piece of plastic cracked off during hsipping when it wasn't packaged properly. It still works exactly as it should. I expect it would be very simple to just add a new piece of plastic in that spot.
It is brand new, but because of that small damage I am only asking $40 + $17for shipping (obo's welcome). I have attached some pictures of everything, including where the damage is. Rest assured I will package it correctly to be shipped.
Thanks! Tara

I can accept paypal payments that are funded by a bank account -not a credit card since I only have a regular account- not a business account.


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