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Getting ready to buy a ficus from local green house to make a new enclosure. Just wanted to see some pics of everyone elses cages since all pictures are of just the chams. Everyones enclosures vary greatly and just wanted to see what is out there.
chameleon 002 (Small).JPG

Here is my new cham set up I did the vines also through out the cage.

Heres mine. Its not an updated one, I took this pic about 4-5 months ago. Now I have a hibiscus, and a schefflera in there, aswell as some fake foilage. Plus I have 2 conatiners on the bottom to catch water. I will post updated pics later today.


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I have some pictures of Harry's setup on my gallery page. I love how it has been working out so far. The utility sink is great! There is a bucket under the sink that is easy to clean out plus that area adds a little extra storage. Good luck! :)
Great pics! What are you using on the bottom of the cage to support the plants?
Thanks! The bottom is all screen with wood braces across to support the plants and elevate them a little for good drainage/air flow.
My cages are sitting on a built in hutch so the screen in on a marble surfface, it supports the plants.

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