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So I have just about finished my enclosure. Its 18X18X36 I took an old coffe table and chopped a hole in the middle of it and mounted a drainpan in the coffee table I just need to get a powersun bulb and a cham- I screwed an incandescent it quick to see how it looks. Mister works great. Looks really nice too! Let me know if anyone has any concerns about my design.
If you are using a Powersun, I suggest adding in a LOT more vegitation.

They are very intense bulbs and the chameleon needs to be able to literally hide from it.
nope no pics of that yet. I built a simple frame and took a garbage can lid that I got from Wal-Mart inverted it. Drilled some holes in the low points and put a tight fitting plastic box underneath for extra support and to catch the water.
i seen these cages that have pvc sides ,bottom the only thing thats mesh is the front and top do theses cages work ? because if my baby sleepy survives i'm gonna biuld her this type of cage.
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