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I recently redid my chameleons enclosure. I’m wondering if anyone has any feedback on my set up.

A few questions and notes:
- the enclosure is 2x2x4
- I used substrate from Joshs Frogs and followed their calculator (rock layer, separation, soil - I used their brand, moss)
- I used a container of springtails. Do I need anything else at the bottom? Do I need to sprinkle extra springtails in from time to time? I didn’t see anything when I opened the container
- I put in a small sand layer for egg laying. Does that seem okay?

If you need additional info, please me know.


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Hi and welcome. What type of chameleon do you have ?are you bioactive? Did you fill out a husbandry form when you joined? Your cham will benefit from a lot more branches and plants to make the most of your enclosure and creat a little piece of rainforest. I hope this gives you an idea. But filling out a husbandry form is the best way forward 😉


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It looks like you have a dual dome uvb/heat bulb fixture you will need to take out the compact uvb and replace it with a t5 linear uvb this what I would recommend it comes with the bulb https://www.amazon.com/Reptisun-T5-...t5+linear+ho+uvb+light&qid=1629585313&sr=8-12
Hi there! I will get all the questions filled out tomorrow but I have a dual dome just for one blue basking light. I just happened to have that so using it for the heat bulb. I have a t5 UVB and LED blue lights for my plants. It’s the combo Reptibreeze fixture. I will put all the specifics in the form tomorrow. Thanks!


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Chameleon Info:
  • Your Chameleon - Veiled Chameleon, Female, January 2021
  • Handling - We do not - she eats from our hands but mostly likes her space. She's spicy!
  • Feeding - I believe she is 9-10 months old. I feed her crickets, roaches, and mealworms depending on what we have. She eats about 5 bugs per day except mealworms. Since they are smaller I usually give her 10.
  • Supplements - Flukers Calcium with every feeding, Calcium with D3 every other sunday and a multivitamin with Herp on the opposite Sundays from the Calcium with D3
  • Watering - I have a large garden mister that I use for approx 1 -2 mins three times per day
  • Fecal Description - Always looks normal. Brownish with white tip. Never tested for parasites
  • History - I got her at Petco not knowing that I should have found a breeder. They didn't have a good estimate on age but she was small so I suspect 2 months old

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type -Reptibreeze all screen. 2x2x4
  • Lighting - Zoo Med Reptisun Led Uvb Terrarium Hood, 24" - I use this for the UVB t5 light and combo of LEDs for plants. I also have a blue basking bulb at the top
  • Temperature - I have a thermometer that I put in to check the levels. Average at the top is 77 degrees, lower at the bottom. In general at night it doesn't drop below 67-70
  • Humidity -I don't have anything to measure humidity but I follow misting guidelines to create humidity
  • Plants - Live plants: Pothos (they are small right now because I just installed dragon ledges but suspect they will grow and be very full hanging down), Spider plant, Orchid, Yucca, and I can either do a bromeliad or fiddle fig (either or option question is noted below)
  • Placement - Enclosure is in a low traffic area in my sunroom. On top of a coffee style table in the corner
  • Location - Summerville, South Carolina

Current Problem - Not really a problem but more looking for any tips or advice on this enclosure. I had her in the enclosure that was one size smaller when I first got her and recently just upgraded (this is the reason for the pothos still being so small). I followed the substrate calculator on Josh's Frogs and did the bottom based on the steps on their blog (LECA, ABC Soil, Springtails, Moss). I have one smaller area near the pot with sand for egg laying. Yesterday when I posted photos I had the bromeliad in the enclosure. I also have a fiddle fig that I just swapped in for this photo. I can put both photos in this attachment but generally just checking in with more experts on how this is shaping up and looking for any suggestions. My son wanted this chameleon and its been fun for both of us to learn. I have really fallen in love with her and have really enjoyed creating her enclosure. I just want to make sure I am doing it right and making the best environment. If I get this right, I would eventually like to get a panther chameleon in the future but want to make sure I'm keeping this spicy little girl happy first! Thank you for any thoughts or feedback. It's very much appreciated.

**Photos below are showing both the bromeliad in the front or the fiddle fig in the front. The fiddle fig definitely provides more coverage. Eventually the pothos is going to grow down through so just hoping it's not too much. **


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great start! I would recommend more horizontal branches in the middle, another plant like a money tree and remove the exo terra vine because it can really hurt their eyes.


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Your welcome I was going to use them too in the beginning and spent 50$ but I had to remove them.


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Hi and welcome! You’ve made a great start. I will say though that colored lights can really bother chameleons. It’s best to just use white lights.
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