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So I have my juvenile Veiled in a 2x2x4. I happen to have another 2x2x4 and I was thinking of making a bigger 2x4x4. However is it worth it? I mean, of course more space is always cool, but the other idea I had was to do a free range corner.

I am now wondering which one would be better. The big cage would allow for extra space all the time. But the downside is the drainage, the extra lights, etc. The free range would be more like an adventure kind and I might make it was big as I want, but he would only be able to use it when I let him out (I have cats, I can't have him free all the time).

In your experience, and I know all chameleons are different, which one makes more sense? Which one do you think the chameleon can enjoy and appreciate more all in all?

I would like to read your experiences.

Thank you!


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Maybe making the cage a lot bigger by putting the two together. The reason why I think this is because you have cats so it’s not really safe to free range him unless you can shut the cats out of the room. I’ve never been able to free range my Eustis because I have a cat as well and I am not willing to take the chance.

Klyde O'Scope

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IDK what you do or don't know about free-ranging. My knowledge & exp. in that area is limited to the reading I've done and allowing my panther some freetime on the Missus' plant table (located next to his 4x2x4 enclosure). I know it's considerably different than enclosures, and there's a separate forum for Free Ranging HERE.

IMO/E, the larger the enclosure—the better, and (no offense) the cat in the equation kinda makes the answer a 'no-brainer.'

Putting the 2x2x4s together needn't be limited to 4x2x4. If the existing enclosures act as endcaps, the final length could be from 4 feet to... (?) 🤷‍♂️ Whatever final size you decide on will likely still need drainage, which could be a limiting factor (just something to think about/plan for).
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