Enclosure how to with pics pt1


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so i recently just fnished building 2 new enclosures for my chams and have said i would do a how to thread, so here goes.
ok so i am going to try and make this as easy to follow as i can, with as much detail as possible.

the whole cage was built using pine 1x2's, stained and the verathanyed. with a solid pine back and plexiglass door.

here is the 1x2's before and after

here are the other materials used

aluminum screen i package 48"x84"

sign plastic fot the drain part of the floor and grided light cover for flat floor surface

the plexiglass for the door

a 8ft pine board 24" wide to cut into the back

the products used

a couple shots of the wood each cage uses 12 8ft 1x2 and was all cut with a mitre saw and glued and brad nailed

braces for the corner mostly astetic

so heres the start of the door i took the wood needed and cut slots in to them to fit around the wood.

then i cut them to fit and secured them around the plexi useing glue and bradnails

the finished door

so i will have to goto part 2 now as this thread is too big
when im done i will link them together probbe a 3 parter
here is pt 2 https://www.chameleonforums.com/enclosure-how-pics-pt2-55247/
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I think that looks ALMOST passable. Bring 3 or 4 down and I will test them before we on the forum can allow you to use them.:D
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