Elliot's female- a few pics


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This is the little female that has the mouth infection that I believe is healing nicely. She shed today, which is great.. you can see the lesions on her side from baytril injecctions. One more shed, and she will maybe be back to normal, with the exception that part of her lip is now gone. Just to put aside the notion that I am nuts, she is eating a wax worm.. a rare treat because of the high fat content.

In this first pic, I just missed the shot. She is drawing her tongue and the wax worm into her mouth..


Next pic follows the first by only a second or so..


Final pic.. her healing mouth infection is pretty visible here. If anyone is interested, I can get some better shots of it. Her snout was also heavily swollen at one point, and the vet removed "stuff" from an infected spot there as well. Her snout actually looks really good now.. the mouth, well, there is no replacing that lost tissue, unfortunately.


Wow! She looks different. In a good way, of course, but different. Maybe it's the Billy Idol sneer...

More pics please. :D

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