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My Female Rhampholeon brevicaudatus lost alot of gerth from her belly. I had a felling she had eggs from the size and shape of it. I went out this morring and when i came home her fat belly was looking totaly emty. I dont know if maybe she just had a large bowal movement of if she did lay eggs. How can i tell? She defenntly has lost something from in there. I did suspect she had eggs from her habbits and shape of her belly. The bottom of the tank is moss cover and i dont think its a good idea to just go rooting around looking for eggs.

My question is, could she have lost a large lump in her belly just from pooping? Are there any signs i could look for, or have missed, to tell me she did lay eggs? I havent realy seen her dig test holes but she has spent some time on the ground of the tank. Didnt seem to be digging though more like looking and basicly just traveling across.

Any Ideas welcome!



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Sometimes there can be a lump from a build up of fecal matter. I would check the enclosure's substrate to make sure just so you don't lose the eggs. Do you have a male with her?



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Yes a male is with her, But I have only had them both just over a week. I looked pritty well with out moving anything, there didnt seem to be any spot that looked obviosly dug in. Tomorow ill look more closly, maybe lift some of the moss a little, gently. The eggs should be fine in th tank acording to most websites, so maybe just making note of the date and keep an eye on things in 60 days.


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Sounds very much like she laid eggs. Going from looking fat to looking thin in just a few hours difference is usually all you'll see. They cover the spot really well. The eggs are like tic-tacs and they're very hard to find even when you're looking for them! Lots of people have just left the eggs in and they hatch just fine so mark it on your calendar and watch for little ones after 2 months or so. :)
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