eggs misting and sunshine??? help if you can


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so i wondering when i need to start watching my female for eggs about what age? any ideas on time would be great!

also if someone can tell me the proper way to mist the animals, I looked up some stuff on it and it just says dont spray the animal and keep the leaves moist and its great but a few people have said they need to be misted???? if there is a thread on here you can send me too so you dont have to type a bunch out that would be great. I tried looking there but went through pages of stuff that just said "misting".

and I want to put mine outside for real sunshine! how does everyone else do this, I was thinking of using a butterfly inclosure?? would this work? do you put a plant in there with them and food or just them???

thanks everyone sorry for so many questions all the time! I just value all your help alot! Everything I have read is so different from what all of you have taught me!!
I think eggs develop at different ages depending on which type of chameleon you have.

As for misting, keep in mind.. In the wild, when it rains, does a chameleon not get wet? So I dont see how people can say don't mist your chameleon
dont know about the egg part

my cham loves the shower, half the plant in the direct sprey and half in the mist under the sprey.
i think it all depends on the force of the sprey.
when i use a bottle mister mine will try to get out of the way but in the shower he will go hangout in the main part and put his head under a leaf.
i also think it depends on the noise it makes


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OMgosh that is so cute!!
so like luke warm water??
I cant wait to get their new cages and plants!! It's so crazy how excited i am to get them in them new cages so they will have more room and be happier!! I think i was even this excited when i moved into my house!!
natural sunshine is the best uva/uvb they can get, and really overll helps them naturally, careful thogh not to put him in the sun too long, have a nice shade area aswell

a butterfly cage is fine as long as it wont break down easly

i just use a smaller screencage that i use only for outside , i call it the "sun cage":p
yes i have two ficus trees coming and in their cage now i have a pothos (spelling??) I plan on getting another one of those so they each have two plants in their cages!
in my guys small cage i have 3x weeping fig "ficys benjamina" 1x umbrella plant capella "shefflera arboricola" and 5x jade dont remember the sci name. i am working on a freerange in my room but so far not in the cage i have 2x more umbrella, 4x jade, and waiting to see how the pampas grass turn out, but i got about 14x pampas grass starting, 3x artic willow, 4x jap maple laceleafe, 4x diablo 9 bark (dogwood) and hoping my other ficus, redtwig dogwood and yellowtwig dogwood take root. if they dont ima try air layering on the ficus before he eats it all.
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