Eggs laid!


My female wc ambilobe just laid a second clutch since I got her in Sept. 15 eggs, all white, but smallish (a bit smaller than those fancy jelly beans). She laid her first clutch with me in Oct. of 20 eggs. Those first eggs all doing well. The fertility of this clutch remains to be seen. They seem smaller than the other eggs were, but I really can't remember. The first clutch is double in size. My 2 quadricornis egg (from Nov) are even bigger.

I have a couple of questions though.

1-Should I put her with my male when she becomes receptive again? I was thinking of breeding ,any females, only once a year so they have less stress.
As she is wild-caught, I do not know when she was bred last.

2-I also have a female Nosy Be that was obtained at the same time as the Ambilobe. She has been fat since then, and I can feel eggs in her. She is showing gravid colors and is non-receptive (when shown to the male). Does this locality take longer to lay eggs? I am assuming she also has retained sperm. She has her laying bin, but still eats and drinks.
Maybe panthers from different localities differ in their amount of time holding eggs and amount of clutches per year?
They were both fed no more than 5 crickets daily plus some supers and silks on the days they don't eat crickets.
I would appreciate input from more experienced breeders on the management and feeding of females for reasonable breeding , but also good quality of life for the girls.

Thank You
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