Egg Question With Pictures; About to hatch?


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Got a couple questions and wanted to see what you all thought. I have 12 eggs that are right at 8 months. One started sweating 2 days ago and appears to be slightly shrinking and slightly dented. It happens to be the smallest of all the eggs even before I noticed the shrinking. You can see in the pictures how much smaller it is than the rest. It was laid significantly smaller. Do you all think it looks like it is about to hatch? Do you think being much smaller will pose any problems with it's health/hatching?

All eggs with smaller sweating egg. Also, two large translucent eggs.



And this is a close up of one of the two translucent eggs. When candled two of the eggs look like they have nothing but yellow fluid? possibly throughout them. I cannot see anything solid or any veins. Both of these eggs are just as large as the other large eggs and have healthily grown since laid. The other egg shells are so solid, that I cannot see any fluid, or there is a solid embryo. I wanted to see if you all have seen translucent eggs like this and if it looks healthy to you all? Thanks a ton for the help. :)
I've had eggs go over 8 month with nothing in them but the yellow yoke looking stuff. I'd keep an eye on the little one that's sweating....check it everyday. Only time will tell if it's good.
Hey thanks a lot Jann. :) Did the ones that you had with the liquid yolk look end up hatching? They look healthy and large, just look like there's nothing but liquid in them.

Have you ever had eggs with some that are significantly smaller successfully hatch? This one is throwing all the signs of an egg that is about to hatch. It just seems so small compared to the others. Thanks a lot for the response.
Yes, I've had small eggs hatch and the babies were smaller but healthy. The ones with only the yellow inside never hatched and after awhile I cut them open and there was no baby just the yellow stuff.
Thank you so much for the info Jann! Really appreciate it. So, I'll probably loose those two eggs. So weird how they've consistently grown just like the other large eggs but have internally shown no signs of development. I thought they would mold over, but they never did. I wonder what actually happens with eggs like this?? Not fertile? Just don't develop? Strange..
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