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whats the time bracket for egg laying? shes been laying for a week in her dig pit, shes layed 6 eggs. i,m worried that she is getting skinny. sorry new to the site, and shes only 9 months old, bless her


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What species?

This is how its supposed to go...
The female digs a hole...she may dig several test holes but should decide on one in the end and dig it until she's satisfied. It may all happen in a day or it may take a few days. She should then turn around butt down and lay the eggs...usually in the evening. The actual laying should not take any longer than overnight as a rule. She should fill in the hole and tamp it down and then return to the branches.

If she does not follow this then there is often a problem although some females have dropped a couple of eggs and still made it through the egglaying process at the time. Some that drop the odd egg also will go on to have issues the next time they lay eggs.

Can you fill in the questions in the "how to ask for help" thread at the top of the health section. There may be some husbandry issues that need to be corrected.
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