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I have a 6 month old veiled ive seen her digging in her viv which is a sure sign that she's gravid she must be checking out the best place as it looks like she has dug in other place in her home.Do they tend to go particular colours when gravid?She is always light green whith orange on her sides and on the edges of her casque she sometimes has light and dark green stripes with dark green spots.She is also comming down to the floor alot more.How long from when you see them test siting do they usualy lay there eggs?If there is a time frame.Thanks in advance.
doesnt matter if its mated , its still gona lay eggs , do you have a bin for her to lay her eggs in thats big enough for her and to pile dirt in? because she will need a bin thats about 1 and half times bigger then she is , has she stoped eating and just wondering around the cage all day , because if she has stoped eating then shes gona lay her eggs with in a week of her stop eating, so just make sure you have lay bin in with her in her enclosure and she should be fine , she will do wat mother nature taught her to do
No it doesn't matter.
I asked in order to address coloration question. If she is carrying infertile eggs and has not mated I am under the impression that she will not display "gravid" coloration. Additionally, I would like clarification on the term. Do we say "gravid" when talking about an animal who is carrying infertile eggs/ has not mated?

Does anyone have a pic of a gravid infertle female? My 6 month cham has a fat belly now but I don't know if she is just fat or carrying eggs.
Yes she does have a place that she can dig in,no she hasnt mated,also she has stopped eating and she is walking around alot and on the floor quite a bit.Ill have to keep an eye out for eggs!!Hope she will be ok having them.Will she have them at night or at anytime?
Brad...gravid is one of those words that doesn't seem to have one exact meaning.

According to this site it means "Carrying developing young or eggs"

And this one says "being with child; heavy with young; pregnant; fruitful".

And one more..."Carrying eggs or developing young"

You said..."If she is carrying infertile eggs and has not mated I am under the impression that she will not display "gravid" coloration"...I have had veileds display gravid coloration when not carrying fertile eggs....especially if you show them to a male. That's why I usually refer to that "gravid" coloration as gravid/non-receptive.

Female veiled in gravid coloration...
Thank you for the info.
Webster's has a one word definition: pregnant.
I will accept more liberal definitions in the future and consider it to mean
carrying eggs, whether fertile or not.
Don't mean to split hairs, just want to have my terminology right. :)
hey brad sorry i didnt mean to sound mean i appologize for any inconveince i may have caused, and agian sorry about that
lol i just got up and was posting so next time ill wait until im fully awake to post anything ahahah
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