eating problem help!!


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he's not eating his morning; i heard that chameleon will eat when he wake up so dose something wrong with him ?

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Veiled chameleon.
Handling - 5-10 min or less than that a day.
Feeding - Cricket, about 10 a day morning and evening, Fluker's cricket diet.
Supplements - Exo-terra.
Watering - Spray leaf.
History - I got him 2 day ago



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id put up your care info (how to ask for help form) but for the most part many chams will go on eating strikes and not eat for a few days, u could try giving him some different feeders i useually have three or four different types so my guy can be picky. i wouldn't worry to much unless it goes on for a few days or if he looks unhealthy. but put up your how to ask for help form and you will get lots of help the members on here are great.


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do you know how old he is? also for watering i would set up a dripper. the easiest/cheapest way is to just use a cup or bottle with a small pin hole so that it drips every few seconds preferably onto a leaf or vine where it can pool alittle then continue to drip. also you suppliment say exoterrea but is that calcium with or without d3 as well i reccomend a multivitamin with vit a. also what is your lighting you will need a uvb bulb as well as a basking light. i would prob spend some time on this site reaserching how other members care for their chams as well as take a look at diff set ups. i am also new to cham husbandry but everything you need to know is on this site. goodluck and if you have anyother questions just let me know. if you want pm me and i will send you my care info.

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