East Coast Reptile Super Expo


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Hey just wanted to see if any one was going to go to the East Coast Reptile Super Expo in Reading,PA on January 15.

And on a side not, anyone going to have a table there as well?
Just wanted to bump this message up again since there havn't been any responses.

Just wanted to see which Chameleon Breeders would be there.
I'd like to go but I may be out of town..

I've been to this show a few times and it's been so-so. Chuck from Heroic Chameleons (a board sponsor) was there for 2 of the shows at least, and his chameleons are always very cool to see. The last show was kind of weak chameleon wise.

I still haven't got out to the Hamburg show, which is supposedly a bigger show.
The Hamburg show is great but gets very crowed, and parking can be a real pain in the rump. I would assume that most of the breeders that do Hamburg also do Reading sinse its only like 20 miles difference.
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