Dwarf Jackson Hoes

Vegas Chad

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We have been wanting to work with a few more types of chameleons for quite some time now and when we on the herd grape vine that a shipment from Kenya was going to come in we got excited because the chameleons we want come from that area.

We are excited to have a group of highland Hoehnelii and dwarf fishers. We also received some MASSIVE jacksons chameleons as well; these we will sell though. The importer sent us a bunch of males so we have to sell a few of those off as well. But I gotta tell yea, these are sure some neat chameleons.

Enjoy some pictures…



Dwarf Fishers



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Very nice, love the Hoes, theyare beautiful. How much are the jacksons gonna be? My son has wanted one ever since he saw them at an expo about 2 years ago.


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The hoes and jacksons look great!!! Although, you are making me drool over the boehmei;) Ill take the young male and a gravid female:rolleyes:

Oh, and red head females are so freaking sexy!!!!!!!!
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