dusting the crickets bad?


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Well I read some of the other posts in here and seem prety helpful. Well I have a male(3 month) and female(2 month) veiled chameleons. I have had them for a few weeks now and They are indoor chameleons I feed them everyday but I have been dusting the crickets with Herpcares "cricket dust" everyday too. Is this bad. Is there other dust I should be giving them too? I have a vitalite and a 40W bulb on them from about 11am-midnight. Is this too much also? I also gutload my crickets with the load from cricketfood.com and I throw in a potatoe also. Should I get the jelly for them too? Thanks. Craig.
I just posted what I do on the gutload clarification thread.
I use herptivite vit supp.
and repcal calcium supps.

hey Brad. I read your post. Very informative. here you said you use vitamin and calcium supp. Can I just use the cricket dust instead? It has D3. Thanks. Craig.
I use three powders:
rep-cal w/ D3
I don't know what cricket dust is and I can only recommend what I use.
I think it's important to have vitamin supplements and cal supplements seperated ( on different days). I'm not a big fan of "all in one products"
Plus you don't want D3 every time you dust.

Hey Brad. Yeah, I will try to find some better dust for my chameleons at a show next month. Yeah this dust I have is pretty much an all-in-one. I want to get the best stuff for them and iam not too concerned on the price. Thanks for your response on your supplements and will try to find those too. Craig.
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