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Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by brighteyez, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. brighteyez

    brighteyez New Member

    How do you all go about dusting your food? I'm super new to this and a little klutzy. I'm having trouble catching the crickets and then dusting them without covering myself in powder. Right now I'm dumping them into a plastic bag full of powder. There must be a better way right?
    Any suggestions would be great!
  2. jones5233

    jones5233 New Member

    Actually i have the tube and i just launch them in the bag close it and then shake it. Then I just flick the bag until he falls out or jumps out into my chams housing.
  3. Sancho

    Sancho New Member


    I have a petco clear bag that they gave me when I bought crickets I put the dubias or whatever is up for feeding into the bag with some sup and shake gently until I see them dusted. You can use a ziplock bag also.
  4. yoza717

    yoza717 New Member

    I use a large deli cup with a lid. You can use a Big Gulp cup too. I just put the insects in the cup, sprinkle some calcium and swirl around like you are cooling off your drink with ice cubes. It seems hard on the bugs, but I haven't killed on yet.
  5. rachelk

    rachelk New Member

    I have giant twizzers that i use to put the feeders in a deli cup or large yogurt cup, and then i pinch some of the calcium with the twizzers and put it in the cup with the feeders and swirl it around, you don't need to make them look like ghosts...
  6. sandrachameleon

    sandrachameleon Chameleon Enthusiast

    I have two small plastic containers, one that fits easily into the other. In the smaller container, that fits inside the other container, I poked a few holes in the bottom on one side, using a nail. I put a small amount of supplement dust in this container. I add crickets. Swirl it around a bit, tap until the supplement falls out the holes into the other container. Crickets are far too big to fall through holes and the container is too tall for them to easily jump out of. Then I feed off the crickets at my leisure. I reuse the dust that falls through the holes a few times before discarding and getting fresh.
  7. mlee5457

    mlee5457 New Member

    I would think shaking them up in a bag with that much powder would get too much on them! I also use a cup i have a toilet paper roll inside the cricket cage and when im ready i pick it up and pluck it to knock off most of the crickets from inside and get rid of any droppings, and then pluck the rest into the cup, how ever many i need. then only put a pinch of whatever powder you are useing that day and swirl them around untill lightly covered! very easy when i started the toilet paper roll idea! :)

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