Dusting Crickets


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Hello, I have a Two Reptical Powders for dusting. One pink label and one blue. The instructions on the containers say to mix them. Should I be doing this everyday? or one one day and the other the next day? He is 3 months now and will this change as he gets older?

I know of Repcal but not Reptical so not sure what you got there. you have to dust your feeders everyday with Calcium just plain calcium, no d3. Use Calcium with d3 a couple of times a month. And you want to use a Multivitamin a couple of times a month also. It really wont change as they get older. Just when they get older you feed them every other day so you will dust with the plain calcium at every other feeding.
sorry, spelling mistake.. it's repcal. The blue is a multi vitamin and the pink is calcium with d3
ok then you need to get Calcium without d3. You do not want to overdose on d3, especially the Repcal brand which contains a high amount of it.
what happens if the overdose on d3? i was not aware of this and have been dusting my crickets with that type of calcium for two days.
two days will not hurt your chameleon at all. It is something that can happen over a period of time. Too much d3 can cause organ damage.
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