Dubias like bananas and lettuce...


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I ran out of bananas for a few days, and the roaches love them. I snapped a couple pics of a feeding frenzy after I sliced a banana up and put them in the cage:


Here they are munching on romaine lettuce:

I bought my first colony from Blaberus.com.

I added to them later when I purchased a group from a guy on reptileauctions who was getting out of roaches.
Are they hard to raise??

Hey Heika,
are these roaches hard to raise??? Do you have a sheet on that or know where I can download one?? I would like to supplement with other than crickets and mealworms. I know I would get bored eating the same thng too....also do any of your chams eat veggies???
No, I don't find them difficult to raise.

Here is a care sheet at BugChick... nice caresheet, even if I would never buy from her again.

And here are a couple of conversations that have happened on the forum in the past about this species:


I don't feed my chameleons vegetation. Up until recently, I have never kept a vegetable eating chameleon. I have offered veggies to the veiled babies, but as of yet have had no takers.

In my opinion, roaches are the easiest and cleanest of the bugs to raise. Most people just have a hard time getting over that they are keeping roaches.

I actually have so much fun with them and watching them that I have Dubia and Hissers. I'm thinking about expanding to false death heads and another species just for *&!@^ and giggles.
Uh Oh....It sounds like Heika has a Jihad out on BugChick. I didn't find the sheet to be that informative either.
Uh Oh....It sounds like Heika has a Jihad out on BugChick. I didn't find the sheet to be that informative either.

No, just annoyed. I will take responsibility for the poor results of that order. I didn't read her terms, and over half the order was DOA. As the owner made very clear, I didn't respond quickly enough and I tossed the DOA bugs.

My fault, but I won't order again.

Well my green banana roach colony runneth over ... anyone want to buy some super cheap??? They do like to fly a bit … especially into the innards of your TV … I wonder what ever happened to that one.

Yes, please! I would really like some.. 6 of the 50 I ordered survived the trip. Do you have the larger or the smaller? I will contact you via PM...

Hmmmm.... Banana roaches eh?
I have a hard time saying no to an opportunity to get a new bug.
If you seriously need to unload some I would like to get in line behind Heika!


How do you keep them?
Or, rather, what in? I understand they are great climbers and fliers and that bugstop and vaseline are not 100% effective.

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