Dubias - does size matter?


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Hello! Happy Monday folks!

I have adopted a 2 yr old Nosey Be male who has been poorly raised on just mealworms by his previous owner.
I’m ordering some dubias to start adding variety to his diet, do I need to be conscious of the size?

My usual pet shops sells size 2.5 - 3cm ones. Too big? I can order elsewhere.

I don’t want to put him off!

Also, can they bite cham’s?

Thank you for your help :)


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They cant bites, and dubia spit is fine to eat too.

Size, you want them to be able to fit down the pie hole unchewed. So the width needs to be the same size or smaller, than the space between the "eyebrow line". You can make a judgement call later, some are better at eating big bugs than others. If they chew every bite 32 times like a beardy you can go large, if its chomp chomp swallow, you want to stick with the eyeball method.

Id go broke buying feeder dubia. Normally i just plan ahead and try to buy some adults and wait 30 days for some babies.

This is with a medical scale accurate to 10mg:

adult banded cricket = .25g
male adult dubia = 1.50g
female adult dubia = 3.00g
adult superworm = .50g

Going by that, if my normal rate is 2 dozen crickets per week, thats 3 adult female dubia by nutrition content.

I tried a 1" nymph but it was 1.25g so i kinda gave up.
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