dubia roaches what is this never seen it before?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chameleonboy, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Chameleonboy

    Chameleonboy New Member

    i was looking through my colony and i found a female roack with somethign that looked like a worm sticking out of her but i was woundering if this is that they use for laying babies or is this abnormal check out the picks and let me know thanks for your help


  2. That's an egg case (ootheca). She will extend it to dry, then turn it sideways and draw it back in. She will deposit one about every 7-8 weeks. She will then stand over it until all the little nymphs have have crawled from it. Dubia ootheca average about 15-30 eggs.
  3. Chameleonboy

    Chameleonboy New Member

    thanks alot

    i had another question does anyone knwo why i have some roaches dieing on me i looked and saw 4 females and 1 male full grown dead im not shure what temp their at because i dont know how to measure their temp but what could be the possiblities that they are dieing ?they are in a 10 gallon with a heat pad on the bottom and there is egg cartons all i feed them is flukers cricket feed flukers cricket quencher and some apples and carrots once in a wile

    anyone have any sugg that would help me alot thanks
  4. SuperRad

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    Are you sure they are dead? They can play dead pretty darn good,
    Is it just a shell? like are they empty? if so, it may just be from molting.
  5. Chameleonboy

    Chameleonboy New Member

    lol they were dead they were dried up like crazy and dead for shure
  6. MWheelock

    MWheelock Veterinarian

    I had that problem for a while. I adjusted two issues and the problem really stopped.

    1) It shouldn't be wet in there, but mild moisture and a constant source of water. Those cricket cubes dry up really quickly. I like water crystals better as they last longer. Mist the container every day, just a couple sprays.

    2) They like it warm, but not too warm. The best way of figuring out what they want is to put the heating pad only under a quarter of the tank. If it is too hot they will be found on the far side, If not, they will be mostly over the pad. Adjust accordingly. I don't like to keep them too warm, because I like to keep the breeding a little slower.

    I am overrun right now, so if anyone is interested , just write or call.

    Talk to you later,

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