Dubia Roaches in Fl?

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by Ultrakd, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Ultrakd

    Ultrakd New Member

    Why dont some people ship Dubia Roaches to Florida?
  2. It's illegal.
    Call around you will find someone.
  3. BocaJan

    BocaJan New Member

    Oh no!!!! I was going to go to dubias for feeders instead of crickets. Guess thats a big NO.
  4. Ultrakd

    Ultrakd New Member

    Really, I have Dubia. Why is it illegal, I looked around but couldnt find nothing about it.
  5. SoCaliSon

    SoCaliSon New Member

    Reason being, FL has the most tropical climate in the Continental US. Most of our exotic pets, and feeders, are tropical as well and FL provides the kind of climate where if they were to espcape or be released ... they could take foot and begin to proliferate in an area where they are not native. Look at what is happening in the snake trade. A few dumb asses couldn't find places for their 12 foot Burms they raised ... so they relesae them into the everglades... Then you start hearing about how all the native species are struggling to compete with the new intruder. Now they are trying to ban the trade of all Boas and Pythons between states. These laws exist for a reason though... and I believe it is best to obey them where they exist. I never realized that Dubias were illegal there though. I wonder how many species of reptile are living wild in FL that are not native.
  6. Julirs

    Julirs New Member

    Crud! I am illegal! http://blapticadubia.com shipped no problem and I love these things. I would love to not have to buy so many crickets once my roaches get going. They are completely happy in the 95 degree heat on my lanai in a plastic container.
  7. Just call your local Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
    Trust me, dubia are illegal in Florida.
    It's ok because I don't have any*cough cough*:rolleyes:
  8. Julirs

    Julirs New Member

    ***COUGH COUGH COUGH***-me neither-no Dubia here! Sorry! ;)
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  9. Ultrakd

    Ultrakd New Member

    'cough cough cough cough' Man all the Floridans are coughing;):rolleyes::D
  10. desultadox

    desultadox New Member

    Dubias? Nah, those are uhh... Northern Banana Beetles. Absolutely harmless :D
  11. ChamyOscar

    ChamyOscar New Member

    hey socalison. thought this was an interesting article that i found. i live in ft myers but i have never seen them wild here

  12. MiamiGeckos

    MiamiGeckos New Member


    man I love you guys lol cracked me up after reading your posts in this thread. I am a fellow Floridian… might be obvious to some, anyhow… Happy New Year to you all!

    Much Love!

    NAMASTE :)
  13. MiamiGeckos

    MiamiGeckos New Member

    sh** its gotten even harder to find dubias now! :confused: :eek:
  14. AmberNichole

    AmberNichole New Member

    I *cough* feed Northern Banana Beetles *cough* too......Breed very well in tubs in my garage :p I have thousands of Northern Banana Beetles
  15. blazekite

    blazekite New Member

    This site is no longer up. this one is the only one i could find that is allowed in Florida. but you have to breed them your self.

    both of there live for about as long as the Dubia (Blaptica dubia) and are shippable to Florida. hope this helps out
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  16. Red Island

    Red Island Established Member

  17. nightanole

    nightanole Avid Member

    These arent dubias, they are giant pill bugs, here check out this 3/4" one as it curls up.
  18. Ilona77

    Ilona77 New Member

    Oh boy, I wish some one just live them by my door please
  19. fluxlizard

    fluxlizard New Member

    Why do you guys care about dubia so much?

    I kind of like discoidalis better anyway. Like dubia they can't climb smooth surfaces and IMO they have a higher reproductive rate and a bit faster growth rate so they are easier to breed. And they are more active so they are more likely to attract the attention of a hungry lizard.

    Plus they are FL legal.

    I don't keep them anymore, but I really think you guys are wanting dubia just because they aren't available to you, rather than because they are a better feeder the the legal species.

    Just my opinion...

    Edit- and how do you guys find these ancient threads and bring them back to life LOL
  20. Olimpia

    Olimpia Biologist & Ecologist

    Yea, this is an old thread!

    I WISH I could find discoids as easily as everyone else can find dubia :( I would love to find someone who was willing to sell large lots of them, especially larger nymphs, without paying 17 times more than people pay for discoids.

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