Dubia roaches grew too big!


Besides my veiled cham eating less now that he's older (just about a year old now), he is also showing less interest in the dubia roaches. As a result, my supply of roaches that I keep in a storage bin has many that have "aged out of the program"! That is to say they've turned into adults and are so large, I know my cham will never consume them. So what do you all do with the ones that grow to large to be used?

I'm not opposed to letting them stay in the bin and just keep the colony going by reproducing, but it seems like they're not really doing that. The entire colony is turning into all large adults. I've heard adding a heat pad underneath will cause them to reproduce more, and while I will probably do that, this post is more about what to do with the abundant excess of large adults. Do I still try to feed them to my cham? Give them away?



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Hey there! I'd say do both - create the conditions for them to breed (heat plus humidity and high quality plant protein like ground flax seed or spirulina) and also give some away to folks in your area who want to start their own colonies.
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