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I am looking to start breeding Dubias. I found someone local that is looking to thin out his colony and I'm thinking about buying some. I read online that you should make sure you don't buy ones that are older or past reproducing age and that it's best to get large nymphs. BUT my questions are these:

1. How would I sex the large nymphs so I don't end up with all males or an uneven ratio? (I read you can tell from segments underneath the nymph, is anyone willing to provide pics for reference?)

2. How many do you recommend starting with? (I have 2 adult Chams to feed)

3. Should I get adults and nymphs and how do I know if the adults are older or not?

Thank you for any advice/insight you may have!
On older nymphs you can start to see wing buds. Those are the males. I would get a mix of ages so you always have adults. I have about 250 roaches and they just started producing so I don't know how many you need, but you can always sell off extras. Each female is supposed to produce approx. 30 babies a month.
Sexing Dubia Nymphs

Oh wow I just found this picture of under their bodies male vs. female. Very helpful though I checked the 5 dubia I have and I have 3 males and 2 females...yikes I need more females!!
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I think you will need at least 100 Females and 10 to 20 Males and 100 or so mixed size nymphs. So you can start feeding now. And leave your breeder colony alone for a couple of months. So they can produce.
Male Dubia Nymph

Female Dubia Nymph
Great response, I was looking all over the internet and couldn’t find decent pictures of the nymphs (I just started with discoids) to sex them. Is this difference as obvious on the smallest ones too right away?
If I were you I wouldn't worry so much about sexing them. I'd have him give me as many as he's willing to give out for a reasonable price, and you will have yourself a decent colony. If you are paying more for adults, consider a 4:1 ratio of female to male. My colony at present has a TON of adult males, and they don't seem to fight if I keep them well fed.

As far as sexing the nymphs, the longer bodied ones are males.

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