Dubia in cold weather


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I thought I might share this- Dubias have always been marketed as not being able to establish themselves in most of th U.S. due to their temperature requiements. Lateralis can tolerate colder temps from what I've read, but Dubias aren't suppose to be able to. I was doing some cleaning up in the outdoor laundry room today where I keep my insects when weather permits, and I found an escapee dubia in the door jam. I moved all of my feeders out of there with in the fall of this year, so this guy has been there for at least 3 months. I would have thought him to have died by now, because we have had many nights this year that have dipped into the 20's. I've never bothered to monitor the temp in there in the winter, but I know it's WAY too cold for him, yet he has made it. Sobering thought in regards to becoming an invasive species.
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