Dubia Cannibalism


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I went to clean my dubia tank the other day and noticed that a couple of males have been eaten by other males. I read in another post that you need to add protien to their diet or they will resort to Cannibalism. Right now I feed them collard greens, carrots and romane lettuce. I also throw in some flukers dry cricket feed. What kinds of cheap sources of protein can I throw in there so they will stop eating eachother?
Egg yolk is an easily attainable source of protein. I use it with both my crickets and roaches.
I feed mine a variety of fruits and veggies, but there is also a small bowl of ground up cat food always available. I use a coffee grinder to chop it up.

I always thought it was just the wings that were eaten if something was missing in the diet. It is possible that they just died and were then eaten, but I would add some protein anyway.
I believe that a lot of what I have read said that if they are eating each others wings, then a lot of the time they are not getting enough moisture. I feed my roaches infant cereal, collard, mustard and dandelion greens, squash, egg yolk, sweet potato and alfalfa and make sure that they always have water crystals available. I have a colony of well over 1500 and have never noticed this problem except when I very first started my colony and was using wet paper towels for moisture. As soon as I switched to the water crystals, it stopped.
Thanks for the advice. This is my first colony and I'm still working out the kinks. I'll add in some water crystals and more protein. I didn't have this problem until the weather started warming up.
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