dry face?


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my veiled chameleon is about 4-5 months old. for the past couple months his skin on his face started looking glossy and a slightly different color than his body. Lately, it looks pale and white, and has little color change. i'm thinking it's just dry but i'm not sure. anyone have any idea? any input and advice would be appreciated.


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i've had him since he was an infant and he's shed 3 or 4 times since then. his face always sheds very well too. the skin doesn't look dead it just has a pale, colorless look. his body, legs, feet, and tail all look really good. it's just on his face


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I really have no clue what it could be. Do you have any pictures? A burn maybe? Temps? I think it would be a good idea to go to fill out the "How to Ask for Help" questions. :)

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Mine is like that, most pics I see of veileds their faces are a grayish with no color, more as they get older it seems, dunno why


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It would be helpful for you to fill out the form as requested and also post some pics of your cham
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