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Does anyone have a homemade of some kind of easy drip system that i could set up in my chams cage my current one is too ar to mess with and is just annoying... ANy help??
Well, what kind of system do you have now? Something more complex than the little dripper type set up? That is about as easy as they come, and if you mess with it you can set them as to where they go all day long. Google; Little Dripper.
right now i have a bottle with holes in the bottom that i have to mess with for 20 minutes until i can get a slow enough drip but within a few hours it stops dripping
Me too.
Cheap and very effective. You could easily spend more than this costs
trying to fashion a home-made one.
In my opinion the Zoomed drippers are worth every penny.

I hate the Zoomed drippers. No matter how I turn it I can't get it to do right. Just when I get it to a good drip and thinks its ok, it either stops or starts coming out fast. Makes me crazy.
The best drip setups utilize accessories from drip irrigation systems that you can buy online from plant/farming irrigation stores. I have mine using a reservoir, drip head (you can buy different flow rates), and I control the rate using a pressure regulator to control the rate.

Here is a link to a drip system kit. A litttle pricey for a 1 cage deal, but for people with multiple cages this kit is really a life saver.

http://www.dripirrigation.ca/HowTo.asp (canadian site, but shows some components)

Either way, you can see what comes in the kit, and you can then get the idea of making a drip system of your own.

I find that the most effective drip systems are also the cheapest! I am currently using a used IV drip bag that i got at work. As long as the bag says "Lactated Ringers" (LRS) then you are in great shape! These bags usually come with a turn wheel, which allows you to regulate the drip from a steady stream to 1 drip per minute! I have used this for my Veiled and i find it to be excellent! The overall volume of these bags is 1 leter (1,000 ml) so it is a great way to measure the overall amount of water that is being offered. If you have access to a clean catheter tip, you will find that they fit perfectly between the mesh of your cage. This is my favorite drip system, period!
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