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OK my veiled Diezel seem to not drink... i mist the cage for about 3 or 4 minutes twice a day bt used an entire small spray bottle a good 20 oz or so and the cage is wet and the water sits on the leaves in pools for a while but he seems to just sit there and not care. He dosnt wanna drink off the plant but i have no idea how to water him. he has a little yellowish tint to his droppings bu not that bad... any help???
Ok i soak the cage and he has a humidifier running most of the day... That is good with keeping the cage with water most of the day
do you think maybe you're just not seeing him drink?

I have yet to see mine drink, I think he just likes to do it when I am not around.
ive seen him drink but its such a small amount and then i leave him on his basking branch and when i get back he hasnt moved and everything is dried up
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