domestid beetle? dangerous?


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I just got new crickets and they had a lot of these
domestid beetle in them. Before i knew it i had feed them to my 1 month old babies and they ate them before i could get them out. Do you know if this is a problem? if so anything I can do?


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I am guessing it was just a meal worm beetle which are completely fine to feed chameleons. I doubt you would get any bad bugs with the crickets even though you shouldn't have got extra anything. Who knows your chameleon might like the variety better. Just make sure to gutload those as well if oyu plan on feeding more if you have any.


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hope this helps....

Domestic Beetles
Class: Insecta
Order: Coleoptera

Mealworm Beetle, Tenebrio molitor
(actual size 12-18 mm long)
Several beetles are common pest of stored food products and often occur in houses, bakeries, grain stores and warehouses - anywhere that food is stored, especially dried food stuffs such as grain, cereals, flour, nuts, etc. It is always advisable to keep such foods in well sealed plastic or glass containers - this not only keeps vagrant beetles out, but also prevents the spread of insects which might be introduced accidentally (often as eggs and/or larvae) with newly purchased goods.

Some of the stored food pests, and a variety of other beetles that frequently invade human habitations, can also damage clothing, carpets and other household furnishings, attacking almost anything made from natural fabrics and furs. Most of these beetles will not attack man-made fibres (nylon, polyester, acrylic, etc.), so that clothing and furnishings made from these materials are relatively safe from beetle-damage.


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Wow thanks a lot. I contacted the cricket supplier who states yes they are a grain bug. But now I have noticed 2 types one hard bettle shell type, (they did not eat) and other was more of fast moving worm type (they did eat). The Cham seem fine I was worried about the digestion if it was a bettle hard shell, but appears it was not. I think I will go back to my other cricket supplier, more $ but less issues and I do not want to infest my home!


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I think what you have is a Dermestid beetle. They are also also called carrion beetles, carpet beetles, larder beetles, etc. They are probably not poisonous in and of themselves, but if they've been eating decaying animal matter you would not want to feed them to a cham.

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