Doin the splits


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so i was outside feeding my cham, her name is flig, and this kind of reminded me of john claude van dam movie!

hahahah, that is a sweet pic Plow.... makes me want to come up with some odd titles for it :p such as, "Got Cloaca?" :D ..sike, im done!

Need to submit pic in photo contest!!

That pic would be a sure "winner" if you entered that pic in next month's photo contest!
That pic also brings a lot of laughter and joy to everybody on the forum especially on those days when we hear of so many "sad" endings to our beloved Chameleons.

I love the contrast of the cool collected, 'no sweat' face to the extravagant pose. Good picture and sure would be a winner. I'd vote for it. Poor Fractal... he'll never get a chance to win at this rate! ha ha
well, then you guys better start shooting some good pics for next month, because im entering this one in!!! :D
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