Dogwood safe?


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I posted this same question in the food section. But this section seems to get more traffic.
So here is the question.

I took my vieled out today, it was so nice. He was climbing around on a dogwood that we have in the yard.
Now he is 4.5 months old. Very healthy and energetic. I've never seen him eat any fruit or veggies that have been offered. No signs of him tasting any of his enclosure plants. He has a Ficus, a Shefflera and, a Pothos.
But, while climbing around on the Dogwood. I witnessed him snatch 2 small buds and proceed to chomp them down. The first time he did it. I thought that he was targeting a fruit fly. But, then I saw him do it a second time. And, it was definately a dogwood bud that he was eating. I brought him in away from the tree after he ate the second one.
Do you think he will be ok? Is this a tree I will have to keep him away from. I never expected him to try this. As I've said. He has shown no interest in anything except his supers, roaches and, crickets.
Thanks in advance.
Cornus florida are not poisonous and the buds should be safe. I wouldn't worry too much, but at the same time, I probablly wouldn't allow him up there again. That's just me, I'm very reserved about allowing my chameleons strange bugs or plants, even though there probably is no danger.
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