dog needs home in or around Missouri


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If you know anybody that's looking for a dog, I've got the sweetest guy right now.

His name is "Shoestring" He was going to be put to sleep Tuesday, April 24th. Luckily, a rescue organization placed him with me instead.

He is half black lab, and half unknown. He has obviously been abused in the past, as he has a great fear of sticks and cowers when you make sudden movements. despite all this, he still has the sweetest disposition. He gets along great with my dogs, and loves to play. He needs somebody who is willing to be patient with him, he is somewhat trained, but due to the way he was trained (abusively) he needs to be taught some things like what he can chew on and what he cannot.

He is full grown, but just under a year old. He is very eager to please, and I'm confident that he will train easily. He already "heels" and doesn't jump on people.

His adoption fee is $120 (WHICH I WILL PAY!!), through SW MO K9's. This covers all of his shots, front line, and the surgery he needs for his hernia.

if you or anyone you know might be interested, you can e-mail me at
[email protected] and I can send some pictures.

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