Does this feeling ever go away?


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Every time i get a new cham, and i go to take a peek and don't see them right away, my heart drops, and i quickly check the floor of the cage........then realize, silly me, there he is hiding on the underside of that leaf!!!!!!!!!

And they say a chameleons life is shortened by the stress....what do they say about the owner?

Tell me i am not alone here!!!!!!
i know exactly what u are going thru i found my baby veiled twice one day on the floor of his cage black and curled up after two attempts at putting him back up in the plants and vines i finally realized he could see my baby iguana and it probably was stressing him out so i moved the iguana and he hasnt done it since but every time i cant find him right away i immediately search the cage floor
New Cham Nothing!!!

I go to my cage and I think he's escaped. Manga's the size of a large grapefruit. I still have a hard time finding him, and I know where he likes to hang out. Usually it is at the front of a cage on a vine...
Two days ago I walked past one of my male meru's cages and the door was open...and there was no chameleon in the cage. He had opened the door and was free.

It took me about half an hour to find him! Luckily the door to the reptile room was closed and there was nothing else that he could meet up with that was bigger than him!

I wonder how many of the other critters in that room he peeked in on before I found him!?!
It is REALLY hard to find a brev at the spur of the moment...for the first several months we had them, my son would go to mist them and invariably come to me in a panic b/c he couldn't find one of them. Of course, they were always there....but sometimes it took ME a good five minutes to find them, usually right in front of my nose!:D Of course we still don't find them easily, but we don't panic quite as often....
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