Does someone want to buy this cage?

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I have a 260 gallon reptarium. It was originally bought for a burmese python that I recently aquired but I would never keep her in it. It's never been used. I have attatched a picture of it so that you can see what it looks like. Let me know if anyone is interested. I didn't buy it so I'm selling it for just 125.00 including shipping.

does it include the soft tray liner?

These cages are available online for less than $100 shipped. Just wondering since you didn't buy it you might offer it at a better deal than what can be had online...
it does include a long and tall soft tray liner and when I looked the cheapest I found with the liner shipped was 140.00 if someone wants to make an offer I am open to them. Thanks!
I am about to buy one for a hundred dollars shipped so if you can beat that Ill buy it asap
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