Does she need to lay?

hi. here are some pics of Houdini, she did just eat two hornworms so could just be looking fat. but anywho how do i know FOR SURE FOR SURE that she’s ready to/needs to lay eggs? i’ve had a lay bin in her cage for a while but she’s uninterested in it so today i’m gonna get a big bin & put a tree inside and she’ll just have that with a blanket covering her enclosure. but i wanted to know does she look ready AND how long should i keep the bin inside & wait to see if she’ll lay. i really don’t want her to get egg bound i’ve put so much work into her staying healthy 😭


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You want to keep it as a permanent fixture in the cage. Without removing it unless your cleaning it or having to remoisten the sand.

I am not seeing any of the colors that normally indicate receptive or gravid.

I would not cover the enclosure unless you see signs of her wanting to lay. Going off food, color changes, going down to the bottom of the cage, digging.

Covering the cage with a blanket is going to limit air flow. You want to only cover the bottom half when she is ready to lay and use a sheet so it is lighter for air flow.
I agree on leaving the laying bin in there permanently and that she isn't showing gravid colors yet.

This video includes pictures of chameleons that are gravid and showing the signs they are getting ready to lay:

thank you so much! sometimes she shows very faint bright blue/green spots. i will try to catch a pic of it & add to the thread.
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