Does she LOOK ok?


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does she look ok?



Thanks in advanced!!!!
bad pictures

Hard to see much of anything from the pictures but her legs look odd to me. MBD seems to be a problem with chams, so I'm just gonna guess that it could be this but it would be nice for some more pictures and more expert input on this subject.
I have not used it in many years, but [THREAD=93]irfanview[/THREAD] is a free image manipulation software. The photos you posted are a little blurry and hard to see any detail.

From what I can see of her, she looks to be in good health. That is my opinion, but with clearer pictures things could show up. One method that I use with my low magapixel camera to get a clearer shot is to back up a little from the subject that you are photographing. It is hard to get a perfect shot without a really good camera. Can you see how the background is in focus but the chameleon is blurry? I have the same problem. I think that backing up a little focuses more on the chameleon.

aboogabooga said:
But from what you can see is there anything wrong?
I will try to make the pics a bit smaller

you don't need smaller pics you need clearer, not so blurry, ones. Her hind legs do look a bit odd, which could be MBD. Could you give us some background again? I am sure it is in another thread but best to have pics and concerns in one place. How old is she and what is your setup?

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