Does she look gravid?


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I have a 6 month old female vield that I thought was showing signs recently of being gravid. So I put her in a nesting site for about a week. Now she is back in her cage, but I have no clue if she was really gravid or not because the nesting site looks like she never touched the ground. I'm really confused. Now I'm thinking that she just might be overweight and not gravid at all. I was feeding her 20 feeders a day since I first got her. Now I only feed her ten a day. They are dusted and gutloaded on a regular scheduale. Her main staple is crickets and silkworm. I also throw in Zophobas, dubias, and wax worms on ocassion. Maybe she was not ready to lay eggs yet. But I still have to dig through the nesting site and check.



For some reason I think she might be a he. Do you have any other vields?

That's what I've been suspecting for a while. This is my first cham in general. She was sold to me as a female from a local pet store in town. The pet store also told me that their other store in the next town had a male. Maybe they got them mixed up? I figured that she was sold as what she was, so I never looked to sex her. I think I'm gonna double check tommorow. The pet store that sold me her didn't know anything about chameleons, so there is a strong possibility that they mistaked her for the male at the other store.
omg. If She turns out to be a he I will be both releived and annoyed in a way. I'll have to check in the morning so I don't wake her up. or should I say him? It also struck me as weird after the last shed. My cham started to show tints of orange/brown. I thought females only had green, yellow, and a little blue.
The more I look at those pictures the more convinced I become that you have a boy.
Check the back of the hind feet for a little back-facing spur. Try to get a picture. Females just aren't colored like that.

But what about the polka dot pattern. I thought gravid females show that pattern. Can males display that too? The polka dots really stand out when she is pissed off.
omg!!:eek: I just checked for spurs and it turns out that my cham is a BOY! It just goes to show you, never trust what the pet store tells you. At least I got her, I mean him for a cheaper price. I wonder what happened to the supposvely male cham at the other store. Someone's going to be in for a big surprise when that male starts laying eggs. Thanks for everyones input. Now I feel silly because I've been trying to get him to lay eggs the past couple of weeks. :p
Yeah, I'm gonna change his name. It's gonna be hard not thinking of my cham as a girl anymore. I had him for two months now. I might change the name to Herbie or Herb, after the jazz musician Herbie Hancok. He wrote that one song "Chameleon". Now I have a bucket full of sand and a huge nesting site that I got to get rid of. I could have saced alot of money if I would have known. Oh well..
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