Does her eye look swollen?


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Does it? Sorry if the pics arent clear this is the best I can do:( :( :(


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Mmmmm...not particularly to me. 'Looks just fine, is there any reason that you would think it was swolen? It would really help if you could get a shot of her straight on so we could compare that eye to her other.
It is hard to say from the pictures, but the second photo may show some swelling around the base as mentioned above. I have seen this before in pet stores and photos. Honestly, I am not completely sure what the cause is. I have read that it may be related to vitamin-A deficiencies. Hopefully someone more experienced can post their thoughts.

What are you feeding your cham? What are you gutloading those feeders with? What kind of dusting do you use and what is your schedule? If you do not have one already, I highly advise looking for a [THREAD=67]qualified veterinarian[/THREAD].
I feed her crix in the morning and mealworms every other DAY not morning so she get 2 feedings a day I dust with repcal every other day.
I just checked on her and its mostly white with the black part of the eye on on the top. and it looks very watery and there is actually a little drop coming out. this happen B4 but after she shedded it went away. so does this mean she is about to shed? i cant see how its related thought
Now its completely shut:( :( :(
I dont know if its shut but it looks like there is something white covering where you see the eyeball?
I saw in the other post and someone said it was skin I will get i pic up soon or try:( :( :(
I just checked on her and its mostly white with the black part of the eye on on the top.
Not sure what you mean here.

You did not mention your gutloading methods? This is very important, especially if you are not using any vitamin/mineral supplements. You may want to try giving your cham a shower. Hopefully that will clear the troubled eye. If not, I suggest a trip to the vet.
She is about 5 inches long is that ok for a shower?
I gut load the crix and worms with left over veggies I have left kale, mustard, romaine... what ever I am eating
her eyes are probably dry...we as humans sometimes get that sand like stuff in the morning ..after the shower it should come off
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