Does anyone understand the UVB, CRI and kelvin light thing?


Ive been trying to figure out if the reptisun 5 is good for growing plants.Correct me if Im wrong please..But plant lights use cool lights with a color temp of at least 5000k which equal to the sun at noon..
The reptisun has this.
CRI is the rays that shows colors and 88 is considered full spectrum which is supposed to be good for birds, the sun has a CRI of 100, Reptisun has 85 to 90 which is good.But Im not sure if plants care about this.

So its my understanding that it would work fine as a plant light as long as there is a color temp of 5000k or more the rest means nothing(I think)..

This is the part I need help with, unless I have the above wrong.

I dont understand this statement " UVB is between 290-310 nm in wavelength" This is supposed be a UVB measurement that causes D3 to be useful.But when I look at another chart it says that the Reptisun has, at 3 inches away, a measurement of 49 Irradiance (measured in uW/cm2).How are these measurements different? I may be too stupid to understand this but I can try.
Thanks so much..


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I use a 5.0 or 10.0 for UVB and next to it I use a 6500K for the plants. My plants seem to like these lights because I have to trim them back. The literally grow to where the light is and cover the entire top of the cage.... It tells me 6500K is a good color temp. You can get 48" T-8 6500K lamps at Lowe's for like 6.50 for two. finding the smaller T8 sizes is a bit more tricky..... finding 18" isn't too hardd, but 24" and 36" in T-8 requires an online source..... and with shipping can be costly. if you have two or three cages a 48" dual T-8 fixture from Lowe's or Home Depot is a good choice.


Thanks, so the plants do need a higher color temp to be happy.I wonder if that affectst the chameleon in any way?

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