Does anyone have pics of a pregnant cat....

pregnant kitty

Do you know approx. when she would have mated? If you do the signs will begin showing around 3 weeks after the mating...if not, the first thing you will notice is that she will not go into heat and be trying as fiercely to get outside. Mine still tried to get out but she wasn't dead set on the 3 week mark the nipples will turn bright pink/red-it will be a noticeable change from the norm. And obviously she'll start showing after the 3 week mark. We just had our 3rd litter in the last 2 years--not the same cat...we just have fiesty gals who decide to go out for one last night of fun before they get fixed.:p So I can try to help with any other questions you may have...
hiya thanks sorry i dont no when she woud have mated she was in heat a little over a month ago her nipples look the same as usual but her stomach is quite alot bigger we are takin her to the vets tommorrow so ill let u no the out come thanks again
if i have any other questions ill ask you
hello john i no this is a chameleon forum but this section is for other reptiles and pets so i can post this topic in this part of the website.
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