Dodge Nitro Commercial


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Did anyone spot the Veiled Chameleon in the new Dodge Nitro Commercial

Its the one where the nitro is falling through the earth

look at the bottom left hand side

post when you see him
Indeed it is only a frame but its still there. There is also a Jeep commercial with a bearded dragon in it. It seems there are some herp lovers in the advertising community.

"Harry Potter...Secret Chamber": There are half a dozen short shots of a Veiled starting at about minute 49 through minute 51:30. There is also a bearded dragon and some sort of frog. It all takes place in a classroom setting. The Veiled is on Hermione's desk. Don't blink :).
i saw that a few months ago and pointed it out to my science teacher. its pretty cool when, even if it is for a split secon, you can recognise any animal that pops up
Dodge commercial

Yeah, I saw it. My wife is amazed that I seem to find chameleons while channel surfing on a regular basis. She says I'm obsessed. I don't deny it.
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